3D Visualizations are short videos presenting a model of an asset, i.e. a new building from a design or marketing perspective and are ideal for initial decision making purposes.

They can reflect design options, different land development plans and various planning ideas without technicalities related to work sequencing based on the schedule.

4D Simulations are 3D Visualizations with one more dimention: time. They are helpful with constructability analysis and progress monitoring.

4D videos are created by combining the model with the project schedule, to simulate the timeline across the duration of the project. 

All model elements linked to the tasks in the schedule can simulate the actual construction of the facility as well as logistics and site management which helps with efficient work sequencing and material flow. 

4D Simulations can help with project planning to minimize down time and diligently control or even reduce duration of the project by improving overall scheduling accuracy and reliability.

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