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Reality Capture


GET-TECH and its partners developed industry leading expertise in efficient Reality Capture, including as-built data collection and accurate record documentation to ensure our clients obtain the most current and reliable existing condition model thanks to 3d laser scanning services.

Many existing facilities that require renovation or redevelopment lack up to date construction as-built documents.

If the retrofit project is designed based on outdated or incomplete drawings, errors can be “designed in”. These errors will be completely invisible up until the construction phase, when they suddenly become very expensive and time consuming to resolve.

In these situations, laser scanning and converting of the rich complete data into a 3D model helps to avoid these unpredictable surprises. The process of Reality Capture is known as Scan-to-BIM.

In a Scan-to-BIM process our experts will utilize the point cloud to create a model of existing conditions before a retrofit project starts or to create a model of as-built conditions after construction is finished to be utilized in future.

The final deliverable can be used as a reference for designers, construction managers, trades, facility and operation managers, tenants and the owner.

Reality Capture is having a momentum in AECOO industry. As more and more aging infrastructure requires renovation, design teams turn to laser scanning as the best available data collection method. This data can also be used directly for clash detection and drawings production purposes, as well as for surface flatness reports and damage analysis.

3d laser scanning services are often used in reconstruction and maintenance of historical monuments and heritage buildings, to preserve and replace valuable elements of their structures and façades.

There are many different types of scanners and software for processing of laser scanning data available on the market. Depending on the types of projects, certain choices must be made before purchasing the hard- and software. Because the cost of the equipment is still too high for many companies, they prefer to engage a specialized 3d laser scanning services provider to instantly obtain exceptional quality data that can be trusted and used as a solid foundation for their new design.

Please take a look at 3D modeling tab to see different model file types that we can provide.

The Benefits of Scan to BIM Services

Our Reality Capture technologies give you the most accurate representation of existing buildings and the infrastructure within them. Scan-To-BIM can significantly reduce errors in the design and planning stage of renovation, remodeling, and repurposing. Our 3D laser scanning services result in significant cost savings and improvements to efficiency. To increase the affordability and streamline the implantation of retrofitting, insist on scan to BIM services.

The benefits are significant. With scan to BIM services, your organization will enjoy…

  • Accurate scanning and mapping of infrastructure with Scan-To-BIM.
  • Elimination of defects in design thanks to Reality Capture.
  • Cost savings from more accurate planned retrofits.
  • Improved efficiency with fewer setbacks.
  • New and accurate building documentation thanks to Reality Captureand 3D laser scanning services.

Reality Capture is a specialized type of 3D laser scanning services that ensures accurate building representation through advanced 3D modeling. Scan to BIM services are available today at GET-TECH.

Trust the most advanced scan to BIM services (Scan-To-BIM) in Canada. Contact GET-TECH today to talk about your project and learn more about our 3D laser scanning services for Scan-To-BIM.

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